VG Door is a brand by PD Door which has 1 of the most popular line up of products. Thus the move to separately market VG Door into Singapore was a move seen necessary by the management.

Started out carrying only the premium products, VG Door was already 1 of the most selected brand for business and home owners. However this was not the goal for the company, the team is pushing the limits further by setting higher market standards.

As doors are definitely needed in every property, it is important for owners to find a differentiation. Additionally, it is most important that the door needs to be durable and good looking.

VG Doors focus on bringing top market trend designs while keeping the structure of the door “solid”. Therefore, our team offers a wide range of material selection, colors and customization for clients.

Furthermore, we offer property owners a full process of installation to dismantling services. Regardless how complex the situation can be, our specialist will offer a solution to help owners get the ultimate outcome.