VG Door is a brand under PD Door Singapore to provide a wide range of designer and modernize doors for houses. Our brand is rated as 1 of the tops choices for Doors quality and designs. That is the reason why, most businesses and home owners are fond of using our doors to implement into their interior.

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Swing Door Design

2 Door Slide and Swing Design

3 Panels Door Design

4 Panels Door Design

5 Panels Door Design

6 Panels Door Design

7 Panels Door Design

8 Panels Door Design

Why Choose us?

With support and love by more than 100,000 clients in Singapore,  we went through a long way to market our products. Good products attract loyal customers and loyal customers will become free advertisements.

As there is a saying time is money, our customers will get a 1 stop service experience. Furthermore, our team is experienced and can handle difficult situations when it arise during renovation.

Branding assurance, our doors are not just durable by hear-say, we test our doors against a string of test. Additionally, our team is always improving in terms of design and market trends.

Durable materials are used when we manufacture our beautiful doors. Therefore you can rest assure that we only provide only the best products with services you can find in the market.

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